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Ontario Camp Catering 

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At Kennedy Catering Corporation, we're committed to leading the industry in providing top-notch food quality and exceptional service. To achieve this, we go above and beyond industry standards, offering competitive salaries and maintaining a robust team to meet our clients' needs. Our approach involves strategic allocation of resources to our kitchens and a careful selection process for new clients, ensuring that we're fully equipped to deliver exceptional results. 

By partnering with superior suppliers and utilizing top-quality ingredients, we not only strengthen our industry relationships but also elevate the level of service we provide to our clients. This dedication to excellence is what sets us apart at Kennedy Catering Corporation.

Why Choose Kennedy Catering Corp?

Founded by Chef Anthony Kennedy and his wife Élyse Martineau, Kennedy Catering Corporation is a bilingual (English and French) food service company that stands as a unique entity in the industry. We specialize in catering for Ontario Camps in the Muskoka Region

Drawing from their extensive 20+ years of collective experience in the food and hospitality sector, Chef Anthony and Elyse elevate food preparation to a whole new level. Chef Anthony's years of industry expertise have enabled him to incorporate diverse flavors, cuisines, and techniques, which are imparted to our staff to ensure that the quality of both food and service never wavers, meeting our company's exacting standards for every meal served.

In our commitment to supporting the community and local businesses, we have forged partnerships with some of the finest local farmers and food providers.

Whether it's a modest or grand meal request, Kennedy Catering Corporation is always prepared to deliver exceptional culinary experiences, custom-tailored to your preferences.

Testimonials 2022-2023 Season


Sydney Kendall
Former Camper

" I just wanted to reach out and say that I am so grateful for Chef Anthony and his team for prividing AMAZING food this summer! I have dietary restrictions, and I truly appreciate the effort Chef Anthony made to ensure I ate delicious food all summer!. Looking forward to seeing you all next year!"


Jennifer Hamilton
Camper Parent

"I have loved watching your instagram account all summer! My son was at Arrowhead Camp for three weeks and my daugher was there all summer. So much fun to watch what they got to eat, and gave me such peace of mind that i was all delicious and nutritious meals!"


Jules Samson
Former Camper

"Thank you guys for such an amazing summer. The food this year was the best I remember eating at camp and I think everyone could agree with that. I hope you guys keep coming back for many more years to come. Good luck and see you all next year!"

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