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Meet the Team


Founder & CEO, Executive Chef

Anthony Kennedy

Chef Anthony is the Executive Chef at Kennedy Catering Corporation. He embarked on his culinary journey in 2004.

Through dedicated effort, he progressed through various positions, acquiring the knowledge and respect necessary to launch his own catering company. Chef


In pursuit of excellence, he has undertaken extensive training and completed numerous courses, attaining the highest degrees of expertise vital for a thriving business, including quality control, cost management, and food quality.

Anthony's mentorship is invaluable; his guidance aids our staff in their growth and development, contributing significantly to our business's sustained success and expansion.

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Co-Founder HR & Administrative Director

Élyse Martineau

Elyse boasts over 10 years of experience in the food industry. During this time, she has assumed various Management and Leadership roles, overseeing training programs for staff. Elyse is well-versed in conducting staff training, drawing from her extensive knowledge and hands-on experience. She is instrumental in upholding the company's quality and standards, while also prioritizing a safe and enjoyable experience for all staff members.

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