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Honey Maple Glazed Brussel Sprouts

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Charred Brussel Sprouts and Kalettes with a Maple Thyme and Lemon Glaze. Candied Wild Boar Bacon, Fresh Parsley and lemon zest!

You'll never cook Brussel Sprouts the same way ever again - once you've tried Chef Anthony's delicious, easy recipe!

"I used to absolutely hate Brussel Sprouts...but once I tried Chef Anthony's recipe it was a total game changer!" - Previous Client


Brussel Sprouts -Halved- 2 cups

Kalettes - Halved- 2 cups

Shallot -Thinly sliced- 1 small

Garlic -Thinly sliced- 2 bulbs

Fresh Thyme -Leaves only lightly chopped- 3 sprigs

Paprika - 1 Tablespoon

Apple cider vinegar - 1 Tablespoon

Lemon - Zest and juice- 1/2

Olive Oil -3 Tablespoons

Maple syrup -1/4 cup

Salt and pepper - To taste


1. Toss in bowl and mix well. Spread on parchment lined baking sheet

2. Roast @ 400F for 12 minutes

3. Pour maple syrup over once 12 minutes has elapsed

4. Broil @ 500F for 5 minutes or until slightly charred

5. Put in a bowl and garnish with chopped parsley, more lemon zest, candied bacon and chili flakes for extra heat


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